Monday was fun, long and exhausting in a really nice way. William and I went through our normal morning routine which is basically him running around while I try to shove food in his mouth :) Next, we are off to the gym. I've been trying to get to the gym at least four days a week. I've noticed how it really helps my anxiety and stress levels throughout the day if I get a good hour in a the gym. Monday is also a free day for us. We really never have set plans so it is a really fun day to explore. We decided to head to the Huntington Library and it was so beautiful. They have a really amazing children's garden with water and dirt and everything perfect to get really messy in. We stayed a few hours walking around the gardens and stopping in the art galleries. Although William didn't seem really in the galleries as he was screaming towards the end. We headed home to water the plants, I cooked dinner and then William had a bath. After William was asleep I cleaned up the house and took a bath.  I did feel a bit anxious towards the end of the night but I think I was just so tired from being out all day. - J

Jill Hannes